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Our Story

Dr Geoff Chan recognizes the importance of showcasing the positive social impact organisations create for their stakeholders.

In 2015, Geoff embarked on a quest to explore the most effective approaches for social impact assessment. By collaborating with industry partners, Geoff set out to identify best practices for measuring and valuing their contributions to society. His ongoing research uncovered a growing demand for tools and resources in evaluating social impact.

Motivated by this necessity, Geoff began utilizing his vast expertise and resources on impact measurement and valuation to provide organizations, researchers, and practitioners with innovative ways to assess social impact effectively.

Geoff is committed to advancing the field of social impact assessment by empowering the academic and professional community with innovative and pragmatic solutions. Together, we can generate enduring positive change and effectively demonstrate the value of our contributions to society.

Our Team

SROIHK platform is composed of a group of local social scientists, ESG experts and entrepreneurs. We believe that social impact assessment is an essential part of promoting social innovation.

Dr. Geoff Chan

Dr. Geoff Chan

Aron Kam

Aron Kam

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