SROI analysis is a technique used for understanding, measuring, and reporting the social, economic and environmental value created by an activity (e.g., intervention, programme, policy or organisation). It measures the monetised social values created by the activity in relation to the relative cost of achieving those values. Many scholars recognize that SROI is based upon the principle of cost-benefit analysis, and some refer to SROI as “social CBA”.

In performing the SROI analysis, one key step is to map appropriate financial proxies with the social outcomes. This platform provides the Social Value Bank, SROI Calculator, example of these social outcome-proxies mapping and reference amounts of some financial proxies.

There are in general two approaches in monetising social outcomes. One is “Social Opportunity Cost” (SOC) approach.The following typesof social outcomes can be monetized using the SOC approach:

1. Living Expense Reduction
2. Volunteering
3. Job Opportunities 
4. Social Relationship
5. Enhance Employability 
6. Public Expense Reduction
7. Raise Public Awareness

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